• Marcia Nalesso Costa Harder CEETEPS
  • Bianca Martins Benetole
  • Winston Pinheiro Claro Gomes
  • Eduarda Paiva Generoso
  • Stéfane Verde de Campos
  • Larissa Nalesso Costa Harder
  • Valter Arthur



wild yeast, beverage, Apis mellifera honey, honey beverage, beverage analysis


Mead is an alcoholic fermented obtained from the dilution of honey and water in different amounts, depending on the desired alcohol content. This study aimed to evaluate a natural alcoholic fermentation for mead process. Bee honey was used, also Tahiti lemon, Gala apple and black raisin in order to diversify beekeeping products and to evaluate the effect. The production of pure mead (A) was from 17.60º Brix, the production of lemon mead (B) was from 16.80º Brix, the production of mead raisin (C) was from 19.60º Brix, while mead with apple (D) was from 16.10º Brix, and all mead were produced from wild yeast present in the environment. The alcoholic fermentation occurred at room temperature for 56 days and obtained alcohol content (v/v) and volatile acidity (mEq/l) in A of 4.92% and 24.47, in B of 1.78%. and 8.71, in C of 6.47% and 11.26 and in D of 1.53% and 6.46, respectively. Moreover, after the 56 days of maturation of the mead were obtained the methanol (mg/l) and alcoholic (v/v) content, in this order, in A of 666.67 and 11.04%, in B of 1,000.00 and 6.71%, in C 200.00 and 13.28% and in D 833.33 and 5.06%. From the results obtained can be concluded that only C is within the legislation of the mead standard, but that A and C yeasts presented the highest fermentation potential. Thus, further studies on mead production and a reassessment of the quality and identity standard agreed by Normative Instruction no 34/2012 are required.


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Harder, M. N. C., Martins Benetole, B., Pinheiro Claro Gomes, W., Paiva Generoso, E., Verde de Campos, S., Nalesso Costa Harder, L., & Arthur, V. (2021). MEAD OF NATURAL FERMENTATION. Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, 11(1), e3628.